About Me

Hi, I’m Lokesh Devnani. I’m a software engineer deeply passionate about problem solving, technology & startups.

Hacker at heart, I fancy well-engineered solutions built with good design and clean coding principles deployed at scale. I’m currently working with Udaan, where we are building a full-stack B2B e-commerce platform, presently serving all across India with an annualized GMV of 2+ billion USD.

Lokesh Devnani

I’m an inquisitive netizen with an insatiable appetite to learn about a wide range of subjects and expanding my worldview with the courage to suck at something new every time. Also, I’m very passionate about dancing - especially contemporary movement & hip-hop. It’s fascinating to explore what various forms of music can do to our bodies. Apart from that, I find myself surfing interwebs, tinkering, reading, or lost in deep thoughts.

See /now for more on what I’m busy doing these days. Carpe Diem.

I love to talk about tech, hip-hop, health, computer science, startups, economics, finance, philosophy, and pretty much anything worth discussing. If you feel like discussing some ideas or just hanging out sometime, get in touch.